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Who is the Sea Monster?

My name is Angel Gracia. I am 86 years old.

I have escaped a hospital in a stolen wheelchair, lived in the Amazon rainforest with a tribe of natives, endured a civil war in a cave...and survived it all to tell the story.

I was born in 1932 in Luceni, a small village in Spain.

I received my Ph.D. in veterinary sciences from Complutense University in Madrid and a degree in veterinary medicine from the Central University of Venezuela. My experiments concerning the benefits and uses of seawater have been published in numerous books and attracted worldwide recognition. 

I married my lovely wife, Gracia (who happens to have my surname), in 1964. We have two children and three grandchildren. Now I am absolutely drenched in sunshine and only twenty minutes from the sea in West Palm Beach, FL. 

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