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The general population adores the sea because the word is synonymous with the word "beach", which is synonymous with umbrellas, towels, suntan lotion, swimsuits, the warm summer sun, the lapping waves, volleyball, cold drinks, and vacation.

The sea most certainly does bring all these things, and I won't disagree with the fact that these are the best the beach has to offer because they are limited to the line between the water and the sand.

I, however, look beyond that line.

The human body must maintain a certain pH (between 7.37 and 7.47) in order to remain healthy. Seawater happens to be incredibly alkaline with a pH of about 8.2. Therefore, when we introduce seawater to our bodies, we can stabilize our pH and bring it to a more alkaline level.

Seawater is also home to 118 minerals and vitamins, all of which are necessary for our wellbeing. 

And all that about seawater being dirty?

While it may be true that a massive amount of garbage, waste, and sewage are dumped into the world's oceans every minute, the ocean is self-healing and self-repairing. The quantity of salt in the water does not allow bacteria to thrive; instead, it kills it and remains clean. 

Now, how should we use seawater to our benefit? Should you just march over to the beach, fill up a bottle, and chug it as fast as you can? Most certainly not. However, one can slowly begin to integrate seawater into their diets little by little. I recommend beginning by using it in your cooking. Replace salt with seawater. Steam your vegetables with it. Boil your pasta in it. It will give the same flavor that salt gives (with an added kick). 


Once you decide to start drinking it, begin with a combination of seawater and regular water (two parts regular water and one part seawater). The high amount of fiber in seawater makes it a bit dangerous to drink too much at once when one is unaccustomed to it. You can slowly begin to increase the amount you drink daily once your body reacts well to the initial amount. But by the same token, it can greatly alleviate symptoms of constipation. 

For more information on seawater and its benefits, I invite you to purchase and read my books. I go into extreme detail with all this and provide even more ways to use seawater in our daily lives.

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